Digital infrared image of a dry stone wall field boundary in Cumbria beside the coast. Dry Stone Wall
Ethereal abstract coastal landscape painting. Immortal Sea
Ethereal abstract landscape painting. Woodland Dwelling
A dark and moody monochrome image of pines in near silhouette against a heavy cloudy sky. 60 x 60cm. 30 x 30 inches. A late Autumn landscape study of a small copse near Addingham in Yorkshire. acrylic profile portrait painting. semi abstract seascape of a Scottish beach in the Outer Hebrides. Oil on Linen 14"x24". Ethereal abstract landscape painting. Constructed in fabric, painted in oils.


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Rogue Gene Collective

Rogue Gene Collective is a small group of artists who are committed to helping each other attain a higher level of visibility for their work. We do this by networking; pooling resources, information, knowledge and contacts. There are currently six members, and five guest artists.

As well as being artists, all members act as agents, couriers and publicists for the other members. The members have been chosen to be different in locale, gender, education, artistic genre and preferred technique. This means we offer a wide variety of quality original artwork to the collector, occasional buyer or corporate buyer.

View the recent art uploaded by our members and guests.


The current members are:

  • Aitch Acrylic abstracts with a particular love of precise shapes and patterns combined with instinctive painting.
  • Amanda Hunt Acrylic landscape, seascape and abstract artist.
  • Andrea Farmer Fine artist creating expressive abstract and ethereal landscape paintings.
  • Kosana Marton Scottish artist specialising in acrylic, mixed media and watercolour paintings.
  • Mike Finley Fine art photographer, primarily monochrome floral and landscape photography.
  • Rob Kirbyson Fine artist in acrylics and oils with a keen interest in the environment.


We like to feature guest artists on our site for periods of time. These are artists who have caught our attention for some reason, and add to the diversity of work shown on this site. The selection of guests changes from time to time.

  • Peter Williams is our most recent guest. He creates photo realistic pencil work and lively, dramatic watercolours.
  • Cathy Savels Fine artist combining traditional painting with the use of other materials such as string, paper and cloth.
  • John Luce Lockett Painter and artistic anatomist, working predominantly in oils.
  • Cliff Warner Fine artist creating contemporary figurative artwork.
  • Headcrime Graphic artist creating cover artworks for heavy metal bands and subgenres.